THREE Started out by pure chance in 2009. A band called The G-String Band was having a reunion party where all past and present members were invited to come and sit in for an all night Jam session. Although never officially band members, Frank C, Steve F and Frank F were all in attendance to support their mutual friends. Through pure sympatico when Frank F was called up to sing and play a few tunes... Frank C and Steve were already on stage at their respective Bass and Drum posts. It was pure magic from the very first notes, and the seeds of THREE were planted.

Originally we started out as JOHNNY AND THE TRIUMPHS ( We had some fun basing the band around a Ficticuios front man (afterall, there is NO JOHNNY in the band). As we fine tuned our band we kept hearing the same thing... "All THAT music and sound from THREE GUYS?" So we knew that we were, as we always had been... THREE

And to pay homage to the 3pc bands that came before us and paved the way... we do Tributes to those great acts... including:

The Script

Stevie Ray Vaughn
Jimi Hendrix

John Mayer Trio

‚ÄčThe Police

Strat Cats

Grand Funk and more...

Our Story

Babylon, NY, United States